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 Mother's Day Competition!

Tell us why your mother is the best by Mother's Day and win this sweet prize pack:




Delaney D.

Congratulations Delaney!
She wrote about her mom:
"My mom is the best because she is sooooooooo sweet. She takes care of us, she cooks for us, plays when she has time. And there is no one like my mom."


Here are a few other notable entries:

 Krissinda M.

"She rescued me!  She gave me a life I never could have even hoped for with my biological mom.  She adopted me and is teaching me how to be better than my past.  I LOVE HER!!!"


Murray T.

"Because she loves me"


Sarah J.

"Because she goes to the movies with me.  She is sweet and kind.  Never lets me down.  She plays fun games with me.  She even laughs at my jokes.  And much more"


Wesley K.

"My mom, Colleen K. is the best because she has more patience with us kids than I could ever have with anyone else, she also loves me so much and I love her so much too.  She lets me buy stuff I want and stay up late sometimes."


Lizzy B.

"My mom is the best because she puts others first before thinking of herself.  I love her"


Lily S.

"My mom puts up with me even when I get on her nerves.  She lets me know that school is important and she makes me strive to do my best in school.  She encourages me to get good grades, and she makes sure I put my best foot forward.  She teaches me things I do not learn in school."


Jenna D

"My mom buys me whatever is needed.  She also loves me with all her heart."


Ashlee D.

 "She's a single mom and has always done everything in her power to give us the world."


Brooke S.

"My mom is the best because she is always there for me.  She is like my best friend.  She comforts me like no other.  She deserves this bag because she needs to know I appreciate her."



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My daughter was so nervous about getting braces today, but Dr. Dave & the wonderful staff ladies there made it so easy, and stress free for her!

Kelly C.

He's personable, friendly, and doesn't have your typical "Doctor's" personally. He's a perfectionist, so he does not take any short cuts. He wants you to look just as good as you want yourself too

Allie D.

The staff at Dr. Dave's is professional and friendly. Dr. Dave tells some great stories and you can really relate to him! Can't go wrong here!

Laurie J.

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