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Orthodontic Videos

Welcome! Below are are some videos of appliances, procedures and techniques we commonly use in orthodontics.  These videos have been pulled from the internet (i.e. Youtube, Google, etc.) and compiled for your convenience. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.




Laser Procedures


My daughter was so nervous about getting braces today, but Dr. Dave & the wonderful staff ladies there made it so easy, and stress free for her!

Kelly C.

He's personable, friendly, and doesn't have your typical "Doctor's" personally. He's a perfectionist, so he does not take any short cuts. He wants you to look just as good as you want yourself too

Allie D.

The staff at Dr. Dave's is professional and friendly. Dr. Dave tells some great stories and you can really relate to him! Can't go wrong here!

Laurie J.

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