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Clear Braces

  • Translucent ceramic bracket blends with tooth color, while resisting staining and discoloration during treatment

  • Smooth bracket surface and rounded corners minimize soft tissue contact and abrasion

  • Patient can “blend in or be bold” by choosing from more than twenty clear or colorful ligatures



My daughter was so nervous about getting braces today, but Dr. Dave & the wonderful staff ladies there made it so easy, and stress free for her!

Kelly C.

He's personable, friendly, and doesn't have your typical "Doctor's" personally. He's a perfectionist, so he does not take any short cuts. He wants you to look just as good as you want yourself too

Allie D.

The staff at Dr. Dave's is professional and friendly. Dr. Dave tells some great stories and you can really relate to him! Can't go wrong here!

Laurie J.

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